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11-17-2009, 03:31 AM
The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill is seeking highly motivated doctoral level
graduate research assistants to coordinate and conduct orthopaedic
research related to lower extremity injury and joint disease.

Lower extremity research conducted in the Neuromuscular Research
Laboratory focuses on identification of risk factors for musculoskeletal
injury and joint disease and the development of novel strategies to
reduce injury risk. Current research objectives include identification
of biomechanical and neuromuscular risk factors for anterior cruciate
ligament injury; novel modalities for improving proprioception, balance,
and gait biomechanics in the osteoarthritic knee; and evaluation of
musculotendinous contributions to joint stability. More information
regarding the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory can be obtained at

Assistantships are available on a competitive basis, and typically
include tuition waiver, stipend, and health insurance. Graduate
research assistants will be provided with extensive training in kinetic
and kinematic motion analysis techniques, electromyography, dynamometry,
and ultrasonography, and will have opportunities to gain experience in
research mentorship and teaching as part of the Human Movement Science
PhD program housed within the Department of Allied Health Sciences in
the School of Medicine (http://www.med.unc.edu/ahs/physical/Programs/HMS).

Successful candidates should have:
1. completed their masters degree in a related field of study (sports
medicine, biomechanics, athletic training, physical therapy, etc.)
2. demonstrated experience in and/or enthusiasm for conducting applied
and clinical research in the area of lower extremity orthopaedic injury
3. strong oral and written communication skills
4. strong computing skills
5. competency in and/or the ability to learn instrumentation for human
movement analysis

Interested individuals should forward a curriculum vita and cover letter
electronically to Troy Blackburn, PhD, ATC (troyb@email.unc.edu). Based
on review of the CV and letter, potential candidates will be encouraged
to apply to the Human Movement Science PhD program. An on campus
interview will be required.

J. Troy Blackburn, PhD, ATC
Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise & Sport Science
Adjunct Assistant Research Professor, Department of Orthopaedics
Director, Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office: (919) 843-2021
Lab: (919) 843-2014