View Full Version : movement repertoire and adult aging

11-18-2009, 08:55 PM
Dear all,

i am looking for references (and ideas) concerning potential adult
age-graded differences in "movement repertoire", at different levels:

- (motor) activities (e.g., different sports)
- kinds of movements performed in everyday life (e.g., walking, rolling,
jumping, swimming, ...)
- strategies used to perform a certain (complex) task
- use of motor equivalence and coordination

With respect to early development, there is some work concerning the first
three points but little on the last. Regarding adult aging, I am only aware
of (few) studies concerning the last point (multi-finger force control,
analyzed using the UCM approach), and none on the first three. I would like
to get a more complete picture.

Any comments are very welcome. Thanks in advance,

Julius Verrel

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