View Full Version : Re: Survey on access to online video (summary of responses)

Ton Van Den Bogert
11-19-2009, 04:03 AM
Dear Biomch-L,

On Nov 9th, I asked subscribers about their access to online video
sites, which are being considered by ISB and others to distribute
educational and scientific video material.

Here is a summary of the responses I received.

Youtube.com and Vimeo.com are both currently blocked here:

- Queensland Academy of Sport (Australian government)
- Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
- Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (UK)
- Kessler Foundation Research Center (USA)
- Queen Mary’s Hospital (UK)
- Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh
- Banner Sun Health Research Institute (USA)
- Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
- Walter Reed Army Medical Center (USA)
- Veterans' Medical Center Tampa, FL
- NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX
- Cleveland Clinic

Youtube blocked, vimeo not blocked:

- Hospital for Special Surgery, USA
- Enable Ireland (charity for disability)
- all of China
- Shriners Hospitals for Children - Erie, PA

So it seems that blocking is common in health care, government, and
military institutions (and China). Many people reported that the number
of blocked sites has been increasing, so the problem may still get worse.

The one bright light is the Rizzoli Institute of Orthopedics (Italy).
While they block Facebook, they encourage the use of Youtube and even
use it for press releases.

It was suggested to try video.google.com or http://videolectures.net.
Unfortunately, both of these are blocked by the Cleveland Clinic (and
possibly other institutions).

There is a video site sponsored by the Netherlands government:
http://www.surfmedia.nl/index.html. I was able to access this site, but
it is intended for distribution of video material by Dutch universities,
so probably not an option for ISB.

I am still hoping there is a video site that only hosts scientific and
educational material, and less likely to get blocked. If anyone has
relevant information, please let me know.


Ton van den Bogert
Biomch-L co-moderator
ISB President-Elect