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11-24-2009, 11:43 PM
Dear Subscribers,

Prof. John Rasmussen, AnyBody Technology will be giving a free webcast presentation on Thursday December 3rd on the subject of:

"Easy use of Motion Capture Data in the AnyBody Modeling SystemT version 4.1"

Version 4.1 of the AnyBody Modeling SystemT contains ground-breaking new technology for handling redundant kinematic constraints. This simplifies the driving of models by motion capture data significantly and improves accuracy. This webcast demonstrates how C3D data is imported and attached to the model and how we can take advantage of their richness to identify unknown parameters in the model.

Notice that to accommodate viewers from different sides of the planet we are running the presentation twice - this time with 12 hours interval:

1st show: Thursday, December 3rd - Honolulu (10 PM, Wednesday), London (8 AM), Moscow (11 AM), New Delhi (1:30 PM), Bangkok (3 PM), Seoul (5 PM), Auckland (9 PM)

2nd show: Thursday, December 3rd - Seattle (12 PM), Miami (3 PM), Rio de Janeiro (6 PM), Munich (9 PM), Cairo (10 PM)

The duration of the webcast is approximately one hour including Q&A. The event is free but it is necessary to sign up to participate. Please sign up here: http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=967

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