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11-27-2009, 09:50 AM
Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM), dba AmmSensor, is a leader in the 3D
motion analysis, measurement and training fields. AmmSensor designs and
develops 3D inertial motion capture sensors (IMU's) and software for use in
the biomechanics, life sciences, motor control, musculoskeletal and
rehabilitation research fields.

AmmSensor has a requirement for an experienced, highly motivated commission
salesperson to sell the AmmSensorT IMU, a real-time wireless 3D (6DOF) 250Hz
motion capture sensor/IMU and related software. It communicates via
Bluetooth to a cell phone or laptop. AmmSensorT wireless sensors/IMU's will
be targeted to the markets mentioned above.

Knowledge of these fields is beneficial and previous sales experience to
university and hospital research departments is preferred!

Candidate must have outstanding communication, presentation and customer
service skills. Must be proficient with PC computers, ACT! Contact
management database software and MS office products.

Please Reference your email with: Sales Position - Life Sciences.

Email to: steve@amm3d.com Web site: www.AmmSensor.com


Stephen Cheetham
V.P. of Sales

Advanced Motion Measurement, Inc.
1202 E. Maryland Ave. Ste. 1J Phoenix Arizona. USA 85014
Tel: (602) 263-8657
Fax: (602) 277-2326
Email: steve@amm3d.com
Web site: www.AmmSensor.com

Web site: www.amm3d.com

"Applying Biomechanics to Achieve Peak Performance!"