View Full Version : Surface EMG; reference electrode position

12-02-2009, 02:12 AM

We have recently purchased a new EMG system (WBA from Mega Electronics
Ltd). The software associated to this is MegaWin.

As with a lot of EMG software, it provides recommendations for the
location of electrodes for each muscle. The reference (ground)
electrode's location is recommended as being a neighbouring muscle
(commonly a synergist), and not a "bony" landmark as the majority of
research/theory suggests.

I have since contacted the company, and searched the literature, but
have found very little, with the only help being limited published
research that has used this set-up.

Does anyone know of why this position for the reference electrode is OK
to use, despite what I have researched and been told? Additionally, does
anyone know of any references/publications that discuss the use of this

I will of course send out a collation of the responses I get.

Thank you in advance.

Stuart Miller

Biomechanics Lecturer
Middlesex University
England, UK