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12-03-2009, 08:28 AM
Fitness Quotient is looking for experienced professionals and/or
scientists with experience in the utilization of electromyography,
electrogoniometry, accelerometry and/or plantar pressure technologies to cover
a part time position in the implementation of sports tests, analysis and
interpretation of data and preparation of reports.

FQ is deeply involved with creating new programs for injury
prevention in professional and recreational athletes, from children to senior
citizens. FQ works with athletes during the recovery process after injury, to
cover the gap that exists between the typical 10 Physical Therapy sessions
covered by health insurance companies, and the return to full competitive
training. It also works with active competitive and recreational athletes who
are experiencing pain and have not found solutions for their injuries and/or
proper recuperative training in the traditional sports market. FQ also provides
consulting work for sports associations and competitive teams through its unique
and thorough physical evaluation processes, which produce valuable information
for coaches and athletes in designing physical training programs.

FQ is located in Berkeley, California (USA). Applicants please send
resume and a brief explanation of the experience and involvement with the
mentioned technology to fitnessquotient@mac.com

DANIEL KAMENETZKYFITNESS QUOTIENT, FOUNDERSciences Applied to Sports Performance, Rehabilitation and Motor Movement ReeducationTel 510-847-5131Web page: http://web.mac.com/fitnessquotient

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