View Full Version : Free AnyBody webcast: "AnyGait: Getting quickly from mocap toindividualized musculoskeletal analysis"

12-10-2009, 12:18 AM
Dear Subscribers,

Prof. John Rasmussen will be giving a free webcast presentation on Tuesday December 15th on:

"AnyGait: Getting quickly from mocap to individualized musculoskeletal analysis"

This event will follow up on the previous webcast on motion capture data in the AnyBody Modeling System by demonstrating the use of two novel models that make import of motion data from a typical gait lab and individualization of the model to the test subject in question a matter of a few minutes' work.

Notice that to accommodate viewers from different sides of the planet we are running the presentation twice:

1st show: Tuesday, December 15th - Berlin 9:00/9AM = Beijing 16:00/4PM = Tokyo 17:00/5PM = Sydney 19:00/7PM.

2nd show: Tuesday, December 15th - Berlin 21:00/9PM = New York 15:00/3PM = San Francisco 12:00/12PM

The duration of the webcast is one hour including Q&A. The event is free but it is necessary to sign up to participate. Please sign up here: http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=974

Best Regards,

Arne Kiis
AnyBody Technology