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Herman J. Woltring
07-18-1990, 11:12 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

With all political developments in Europe on both sides of the now profoundly
torn iron curtain, announcing the Proceedings of a NATO Workshop on 3-D Imaging
should, perhaps, be seen as an unbiased political gesture... I have not yet
seen the book, but the announcement below, distributed via MEDINF-L@DEARN.BITNET
sounds extremenly interesting.

Herman J. Woltring.


Subject: 3D Imaging in Medicine
To: Multiple recipients of MEDINF-L@DEARN

K.H. H"ohne, H. Fuchs & S.M. Pizer (Eds):

3D Imaging in Medicine: Algorithms, Systems, Applications.
Springer ASI Series F, Vol. 60, 1990. DM 348.--

Proceedings NATO ARW, Travemuende/W. Germany, 24-29 June 1990.

The visualization of human anatomy for diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational
purposes has long been a challenge for scientists and artists. Recently,
biomedical engineering and computer science have begun to offer the potential
of producing natural three-dimensional views of the human anatomy of living
subjects. For a broad application of such technology, many scientific and
engineering problems still have to be solved. The book which is the outcome of
an Advanced Research Workshop summarizes the state of the art. It contains 11
invited survey talks and 16 contributed papers from leading researchers in the
field. 3D image acquisition techniques are covered as well as segmentation of
data volumes in three dimensions. Broad attention is given to the latest
developments in visualization algorithms. Object manipulation and interaction
techniques and the corresponding hardware systems represent a further important
aspect for practical applications, e.g. in surgery and radiotherapy planning.

Although the book addresses researchers and engineers on first place, the
vividness of the material will also attract potential users in the medical

If you cannot obtain the book in your country, please contact:

Springer-Verlag Berlin
Heidelberger Platz 3
Auftragsbearbeitung Buecher
1000 Berlin 33
Fed. Rep. of Germany

Andreas Pommert, Hamburg