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01-06-2010, 01:40 AM
Hi all,

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2010/1/6 Ed Chadwick :
> Hi all,
> Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about different haptic
> robots that may be available. The text of my original post was:
> We are interested in using a haptic robot for the creation of dynamic,
> virtual environments for stroke rehabilitation applications. We need a
> system that is powerful enough to support the weight of a subject's
> arm and apply stochastic force perturbations with a high-stiffness
> effector. I am aware of the HapticMaster device, but would like to
> know if there are others. Does anyone have any experience or
> recommendations of other, similar devices?
> Companies making such devices that were suggested to me were:
> Haptic Master (http://www.moog.com/products/haptics-robotics/)
> InMotion 2 (http://www.interactive-motion.com/) (from MIT Manus, see
> e.g. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC544952/)
> Haption (http://www.haption.com/site/eng/html/materiel.php)
> Sensable (http://www.sensable.com/products-haptic-devices.htm).
> Thanks again,
> Ed Chadwick.

Edward K.J. Chadwick PhD.
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