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01-06-2010, 08:40 AM
Dear Biomech-L subscriber,

I would like to thank the responses received on the question of soft tissues
deformation in the pelvis, especially for Ms. Becky A. Zifchock and Dr. Dustin
Bruening. I had problems with my e-mail provider and I lost an answer posted today -
I thank if the message could be sent again.

Procedure recommendation: to define the pelvis plane using a least squares plane fit
to all four markers (LASIS,RASIS,LPSIS,RPSIS). Tracking the motion again using the
least squares solution of all 4 markers (Spoor and Veldpaus, 1980) in essence
"averages" out some of the discrepancy you see between the PSIS vector and ASIS

Thank you very much again.
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Wagner de Godoy
HIAE - Brazil