View Full Version : Galvanic Skin Response Biofeedback system available

01-08-2010, 09:16 AM
Good afternoon everyone,

When reorganizing some of the space in our building we came across a
Lafayette Instruments model A-3 G.S.R. system circa 1975 that we thought
someone may find useful. Not all components were present but most were;
however due to missing power adapters they couldn't be tested. The main GSR
box, EMG box, and associated peripherals for collecting data are present and
appear to be in good condition. If anyone has need of this equipment for
replacement parts or to expand a current system please contact me and we'll
work out how to get it your way for the cost of shipping.



Daniel Leib
Boise State University Biomechanics Research Assistant
Phone: 314-910-8057
Email: daniel.leib@gmail.com