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Stephane Bouilland
06-09-1994, 09:28 PM
Dear subscribers,

One week ago, I sent a message looking for ftp sites to get technical
reports. It seems very difficult to get this sort of document by this way. The
sum up of the responses I got follows. Thanks a lot to all people who answer me
and especially to Chris and Pascale.


My message was :

>Dear suscribers,
>Could anyone tell me if there are some ftp sites or databases where it is
>possible to get some technical reports in the field of biomechanics. I'm
>particularly interrested with some technical reports from Wright Patersson
>Force Base (Ohio).
>I will sum up the responses.
>Thank you to those who will answer me.
> Stephane Bouilland
> L.A.I.H.
> Universite de Valenciennes
> France

Responses :

I sent email to Librarian at Air Force Institute of Technology (part of
Wright-Patterson AFB) as this is her reply - no luck unfortunately.

--reply follows--
Allan, I don't know of any good Gopher or FTP sites for Wright-Patt tech
reports. Wish I did! My own organization, the Air Force Institute of
Technology (just a small part of Wright-Patterson), has a small
experimental FTP site with a whopping 6 tech reports from 1993 in it, but
that's all that I'm aware of. Our system administrators are busy with
other projects and don't have plans to expand the tech report archives
right now.

I'm not sure if there's another order channel in France, but the best
public source for information on Air Force tech reports (unlimited
distribution, unclassified ones, that is) in the U.S. is the National
Technical Information Service (NTIS), run by the U.S Dept. of Commerce.
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Rd.
Springfield, VA 22161 USA
Phone: (703) 487-4650 (sales desk) or
(703) 487-4684 (military publications)
Fax: (703) 321-8547 or (703) 321-9038

************************************************** ***************
Carol Sullivan, Systems Librarian
Air Force Institute of Technology Library
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
(o o)
Allan Christie email: a.christie@unisa.edu.au
Centre for University Teaching & Learning Tel: +618 302 2570
University of South Australia Fax: +618 302 2766
URL http://cutl.city.unisa.edu.au/index.html

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Dear Stephane,

Not sure about ftp Dbs, but I have a Wright Patterson AFB release AD 710
622 on weight, volume & CoM. If you tell me what you require I could fax
you the relevant bits.


Dr. Chris Kirtley MB ChB, PhD,
Lecturer, bio-engineering,
School of Physiotherapy,
Curtin University of Technology,
GPO Box U1987,
Perth 6001
Western Australia.

Tel. (09) 381 0600
Fax (09) 381 1496

e-mail: c.kirtley@info.curtin.edu.au

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Dear Ms Bouilland,
I like your question,
if you get an answer, would you please let me know
with kind regards
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Johan F.M.Molenbroek
Assistant Professor Engineering Anthropometry
Faculty Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology
Jaffalaan 9
2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands
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Hello Stephane;

At Wright Patterson AFB, you should start with;

Dr. Ted Knox, Branch Chief
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Div. of Bio Communications
Bio Engineering Div.
PHONE: (513) 255-3122
FAX: (513) 255-2019

I know they are NOT hooked up to BIOMCH-L as of yet. I will be
sending them information on how to go about getting line. I do
know that they have a four camera Selspot Motion Analysis System
and seem to be very pleased.

Good Luck!

Bonjour Stephane,

Je ne peux pas t'offrir d'aide concernant les sites ftp mais j'ai acces
a certains des rapports techniques du groupe du Wright Paterson Air Force
Base. Si tu sais quelle est l'information dont tu as besoin, n'hesite pas
a demander, je t'aiderai si je le peux.

Pascale Pigeon
Genie Biomedical
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Quebec, Canada
e-mail: pigeon@grbb.polymtl.ca