View Full Version : The 8th International Conference on Cell Engineering will be heldin Dublin, Ireland in June 11-12th,2010

01-19-2010, 02:28 AM
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to attend and also encourage others to attend
the forthcoming meeting of our forum in Dublin, Ireland in June
11-12th,2010 - the 8th International Conference on Cell Engineering.

To register, please visit:

The meeting covers the breadth of cell engineering with themes in cell
biomechanics, cell matrix interactions, cell processing and cell sensing.
The meeting focuses on the cutting edge interface between engineering and
cell biology. The ICCE 2010 meeting is sponsored by the International
Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering and abstracts will be
published in their Proceedings journal.

On behalf of the organising committee, I would like to invite you to submit
an abstract by the 8th of February and join us in Dublin! The meeting will
be an exciting opportunity to bring the cell engineering community together
for a focused forum of discussion.

A list of theme titles, proceedings abstract details and the social
programme are available on the website: www.keele.ac.uk/research/istm/ICCE

We have scheduled the meeting as a Satellite for the TERMIS2010 in Galway so
we hope you will come and join us in enjoying an international forum for
cell and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in the spring in

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin.

Alicia El Haj
Chair Organising Committee
Email: bea17@keele.ac.uk