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Jan-paul Van Wingerden
06-09-1994, 09:57 PM
Dear biomch-l readers,
This is a request for info on *cheap* video registration
In fact our question is simple:
We need hardware that is capable of finding (real time) the
coordinates of points in an video image and stores these
coordinates in a ms-dos file (ascii or binary).
Of course this is not only done by hardware, there will be some
software included.
The question is: does anyone know any systems (and manufacturers)
that do just that.
We are aware that there are many splendid motion analysis systems,
like vicon or selspot, but our objection is that they have all kind of
expensive features that we don't need. We like to do our own data
Nowadays there also are all kind of "video" cards which enable you to
get video signal in your computer. The problem here is that you
can't do anything with the images. So this also seems a dead end.

Any information is welcome, but please, we only want information on
the simple, basic, no-nonsense, systems. Not on the fancy (=
expensive) ones.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Jan-Paul van Wingerden
Dept. of anatomy
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands

P.S. This is not typical Dutch behaviour, but merely the usual lack
of financial means within a university department.