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Paul Glazier
01-20-2010, 02:38 AM
Dear subscribers,

In the last couple of years, CASIO have produced a range of stills cameras
that are capable of capturing high-speed video (see
http://www.casio.com/products/Cameras/EXILIM_High-Speed/). I was wondering
if anyone has any experience with these cameras, what they are like to use,
how suitable they are for field and laboratory work and how they match up to
other high-speed cameras on the market. The top-of-the-range EX-F1 (see
http://www.casio.com/products/Cameras/EXILIM_High-Speed/EX-F1/) appears to
be a particular favourite with golf coaches and at $999 is a fraction of the
price of other high-speed cameras usually found in biomechanics

Thanks in advance for your contributions - I will post a summary of

Best wishes,

Paul Glazier

Sheffield Hallam University, UK