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01-24-2010, 10:04 PM
*The East European and Mediterranean Cerebral Palsy and Developmental
Medicine Conference.*

*EEMCPDM Beirut 2010: Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, May 26-29, 2010*

Four international meetings so far. It is now the turn of Lebanon to host
the 5th biannual EEMCPDM meeting. How couldn’t it be this way, with Lebanon
being the West gateway to the East, the crossroad of civilizations, the
education and medical harbor of the Middle East …?

This year’s meeting is a unique opportunity for health professionals dealing
with children with disabilities. It will be made of one full day and two
half-days and will cover the major clinical and research aspects of cerebral
palsy and other congenital and developmental disabilities, with special
emphasis on advances in this field. Instructional course lectures as well as
free papers will be given by prominent specialists in the field, from the
US, Europe, the Middle East and Lebanon. The social program is not less
appealing. The social committee has done a tremendous job to make your stay
pleasant and fruitful.

Please make sure to spread the information among your colleagues and friends
in all fields: orthopedics, pediatrics, neurosurgery, physical therapy,
neurology, psychology, psychiatry, speech therapy, psycho motor therapy,
orthotics, gait analysis, etc…

More information is available on the website: http://www.eemcpdm2010.com

Welcome to the Cedar Land,

*Ismat Ghanem*

Chairman of the organizing committee

*Ayman Assi *



* *

*Deadline for the submission of abstracts: February 15, 2010*

Participants wishing to submit a paper for oral presentation are requested
to submit one or more abstracts.

Abstracts must be submitted in English as a WORD document saved either in
rtf or .doc format, and submitted to the email address: *

Abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance on their scientific merit; and the
authors will be informed in due time whether their abstract/s have been

Instructions for the preparation of Abstracts are available on the website:


Ayman Assi, PhD
Researcher in Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineer
Head of Gait and Motion Analysis Lab | SESOBEL | Beirut, Lebanon
Lecturer | Biomedical Engineering | ESIB, University of Saint Joseph,
Researcher | Laboratoire de Biomécanique - CNRS UMR 8005 | ENSAM Paris
Tel: +961 3 564 557 (Beirut) |+33 6 30 34 61 64 (Paris)