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02-10-2010, 01:42 AM

We are trying
Dear members of the Biomechanics List Server,

We are trying to develop new methods for automatic GAIT analysis
in different pathological cases, like CP or stroke. We would like to know more
about the main features a physician or a physiotherapist would like to consider
when analyzing a pathological gait. For example, we have the following questions:

Which joint
angles are more important? In which plane do you analyze mostly a

pathological gait? How do you in
general define the angle of the ankle joint? Are

suppination and pronation angles of
the foot important information during the gait?

How do you define these angles? How
exact does one need to know these angles?

All suggestions and comments are welcome. We will post a
summary of the received replies.

With best regards

Fariba Bahrami Assistant Professor CIPCE, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Tehran Tehran, Iran