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02-24-2010, 02:08 PM

Position Title: Defence Scientist in Injury Mechanisms Job Reference
Number: DSTO/31829 Position APS Level: APS Level 6 (S&T Level 4) or
Executive Level 1 (S&T Level 5) Position Location: Melbourne, Australia
Salary: $68,010-$77,690 or $85,956-$96,958 (plus superannuation)
[Australian Dollars]
Positions: One
Employment Status: Ongoing
Security Level: Secret
Group: Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Division: Human Protection and Performance Division
Branch: Human Performance and Physical Protection Branch Closing Date:
5pm Thursday, 18 March 2010

The position is within the Human Protection and Performance Division
(HPPD)and undertakes research and development in support of the
individual combatant in the areas of Health and Human Performance and
Physical Protection. The successful candidate will work in the domain of
traumatic injury resulting from a number of threats including
penetrating fragments, blunt trauma, blast overpressure and vehicle
crash trauma. They will be expected to assess the level of injury at the
physiological system, organ, tissue and cell level, leading to a
synopsis on survivability.

The successful candidate will work with a range of scientists to
consider the biomechanical, ergonomic aspects as well as the injury
mechanisms associated with fragment, blunt and overpressure trauma,
blast ballistic and potential prevention interventions in the physical
protection and vehicle crash trauma domains. They will also work with
material scientists to explore preventive mechanisms. They will be
expected to provide substantial input to the examination of the
strengths and weaknesses of injury models and human surrogate test
devices. The position will explore collaborations with established
research centres in the gathering and application of data to support
model verification.

Further enquiries about the position can be made to the contact officer:
Mark Patterson +613 9626 8472; mark.patterson@dsto.defence.gov.au

And by visiting: http://www.dsto.defence.gov.au/careers/6085/

Citizenship - To be eligible for employment with Defence, applicants
must be an Australian citizen.

Security Clearance - The preferred applicant will be required to
successfully undergo the security clearance vetting process. The
preferred applicant MUST be willing to disclose all relevant and
required information. The preferred applicant MUST have lived in
Australia, or have a checkable background, for at least the preceding
ten years for SECRET clearances.

Dr Mark Jaffrey
Human Protection and Performance Division Defence Science & Technology
Organisation Department of Defence
506 Lorimer Street
Fishermans Bend VIC 3207
Ph +613 9626 8474
Email Mark.Jaffrey@defence.gov.au
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