View Full Version : BKA EMG Info Request

Doreen M Espinoza
06-13-1994, 05:36 AM
Dear Readers:

I am a graduate student who is interested in the lower extremity EMG patterns
of individuals with below-knee amputations (BKA) running with an
"energy-storing" prosthetic foot (probably the Flex Foot). Thus far in my
literature search I have found several articles on BKA running but only two
articles on EMG patterns of individuals with BKA:

E.G. Culham, M. Peat and E. Newell
Below-knee amputation: A comparison of the effect of the SACH and
single axis foot on EMG patterns during locomotion.
Prosthetics and Orthotics International 10:15-22, 1986

D.A. Winter
Biomechanics of BKA Gait.
J Biomechanics 21(5):361-67, 1988

Do you know of other literature? Why does it appear that this area of research
is not pursued?
Also, is there normative data out there for the EMG patterns of normal running

Any help would be appreciated.


Doreen M. Espinoza
Michigan State University