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03-06-2010, 10:30 PM
The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS) is a specialized university
with a national responsibility for higher education and scientific research
within the sport sciences. NSSS was established in 1968 and has
approximately 250 employees and 1300 students. For more information about
NSSS, see www.nih.no

Professor/Associate Professor in Sport Biomechanics

There is a vacancy in Sport Biomechanics at Professor or Associate Professor
level at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

The Department of Physical Performance
The position is in the Department of Physical Performance, which currently
has four professors in the field of Sports Biology (Idrettsbiologi in
Norwegian, corresponding to Kinesiology, Human Kinetics, Exercise and Sport
Science), four Associate Professors and five lecturers. In addition, five
engineer positions in the laboratories and six positions for recipients of
PhD scholarships are permanently funded. Other graduate student scholarships
are externally funded. In total, the department has more than 30 employees
in research and teaching. The section has responsibilities in teaching and
research in basic biological perspectives on sport (sport biomechanics,
movement analysis, physiology and anatomy) and has a particular emphasis on
activities such as skiing, swimming, track and field and orienteering. The
section has very well equipped laboratories for biomechanical and
physiological studies in humans as well as for the analysis of biological
material (biochemistry and histochemistry).

Specialist tasks and areas of responsibility
The successful applicant will be responsible for strengthening our sports
biomechanics research at the department. The applicant is therefore required
to possess a fundamental and an extensive knowledge and experience in this
field. The successful applicant will also be required to contribute to the
teaching programs at bachelor and masters levels, as well as to supervise
masters and doctoral students work. Furthermore, the applicant will have
responsibility in the planning and the daily functioning of the biomechanics
laboratory, in close cooperation with the head of the department.

Requirements for competence
Applicants must have a doctoral degree (PhD) and an extensive experience at
a high international level in exercise and/or sports biomechanics.
Applicants must be able to document university level teaching and
supervisory experience and good knowledge and experience in a variety of
biomechanical methods and procedures, especially in 3D kinematics,
kinesiological electromyography, ground reaction forces, imaging techniques
such as PET scanning, ultrasonography and/or MRI. Involvement in sports at
an administrative, coaching and/or active level will be viewed as an

Selection criteria
In rating competent applicants, the following will be emphasized:
* Quality, relevance and scope of scientific work
* Documented knowledge of research methods in sport biomechanics
* Relevance and scope of teaching and supervisory experience
* Documented grants and funding experience
* Other documented qualifications relevant for the position (e.g. public
communication skills, ability to communicate popular science)
* Document specialist involvement in research in physical performance and
effects of physical training
* Experience in international collaborative projects
* Management experience
* Personal suitability

Working Conditions
Salary and other terms of employment are offered according to the Norwegian
State pay scale, employment code 1013 Professor or code 1011 Associate
professor. The appointment will be made according to the terms that apply to
civil servants. We have an obligatory membership of the State Pension Fund.

The workplace will normally be the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. In
special cases, where the experimental part can better be performed in other
laboratories, exemption of residency may be granted. This also applies for
stays in research centers abroad.

If the applicant is not native Norwegian speaking, it is required within
three years to demonstrate Norwegian language skills to the same standard as
the level 3 Course, Norwegian as a second language, at the University of

NSSS personnel and recruitment policy aims at taking into account the
diversity of the Norwegian population to the greatest possible extent. It is
an explicit aim to search for age and gender balance and to recruit
competent applicants with minority background.

Applications will be handled according to the relevant regulations as
defined in the Norwegian Open Files Act.

Interested applicants are advised to contact the academic community in
preparing the application.

Further details can be obtained by contacting:

Contact person:
Head of Department Jan Cabri, tel. +47 23 26 23 20 (jan.cabri@nih.no)

Contact person/Administration:
HR-Adviser Hanne Skjølås Nygaard, tel. +47 23 26 20 59

Closing date: 9th of April 2010 (electronic registration at www.nih.no).

In addition to the electronic registered through our website, the applicant
must submit within the time limit four copies of:
- Motivation letter of the candidate
- Complete Curriculum Vitae (including career description, research projects
and grantmanship, copies of diplomas, certificates and other attachments
that are relevant to the position)
- Contacts of at least 3 reference persons (may be contacted during the
selection process)
- List of published work (with indication of impact factor and/or citation
index, where possible)
- Copies of recent publications (not more than 10)
This should be numbered and sorted into four piles.

Application with attachments sent to the following address:
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Human Resources and Finance Department,
PO Box 4014 Ullevål Stadion, 0806 Oslo, Norway.

Jan Cabri, Phd
Professor and Head
Department of Physical Performance
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
PO box 4014 Ullevaal Stadion
N-0840 OSLO
tel. +47 23262320