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Marc Portus
03-07-2010, 03:38 PM
Cricket Australia announces its biennial Conference of Science, Medicine
and Coaching in Cricket at the Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast, Queensland,
Australia. Conference dates are 1-3 June, 2010.

The conference will encompass the scientific, medical and elite coaching
aspects of preparing cricketers for high performance competition in a
tightly-packed domestic and international schedule. A key objective of
the conference is to improve the integration of science, medicine and
technology into practice.

Online registration is available now at the conference website:

Abstracts are due Friday 12 March (this Friday). Please see the website
for abstract submission guidelines.

Keynote & Invited Speakers include:

Mr. Greg Chappell - Cricket Australia

Dr. Glenn Fleisig - American Sports Medicine Institute

Dr. Peter Harcourt - International Cricket Council & Cricket Australia

Dr. Stuart Cormack - Essendon Football Club

Dr. Rod Whiteley - Australian Baseball Federation / University of Sydney



Marc Portus PhD

Manager, Sport Science Sport Medicine Unit

Cricket Australia