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03-21-2010, 11:02 PM
Dear All,

I'm looking to purchase some sort of Vibrometer to use to assess residuum
sensitivity in lower-limb amputees. I am aware of the Neurothesiometer (by
Scientific Laboratory) which is commonly used to measure foot sensitivity in
diabetic patients: though I believe such a system only allows adjustment of
the magnitude of vibration and not the frequency. I would like to have a
system that also allows adjustment of the frequency (over a certain range,
e.g. 50 to 250Hz). I know of one such system made by RION of Japan (model
AU-02B), but I can't find anyone over here in Europe who can supply me this

Can anyone recommend an alternative system(s) or, in the case of the RION
Vibrometer, an alternative supplier? Any help will be much appreciated.

John Buckley

Vision & Mobility/Biomechanics Research Team

School of Engineering, Design and Technology

University of Bradford

Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK