View Full Version : Impact loads - rearfoot striking

03-22-2010, 10:33 AM
After reading the responses I felt it was important to add in an other
factor that was not considered but which plays a very important role in
impact forces. It is running technique.

For example, did the rear foot striker land with the leg extended well out
in front of the body or was contact made as the leg was coming back so that
the forefoot also made contact with the ground very quickly?

Regarding the midfoot striker, was the midfoot contact achieved by bending
the knee to land midfoot or was the leg straight in coming back and on

Re: the forefoot striker, was contact made well in front of the line of the
CG or was it made under or close to being under the body. Did the runner
land ball-heel or was there a distinct time difference between the ball
touchdown and heel?

As should be obvious in each of these scenarios the force generated will be
different and the amount of force application will be substantially
different. These are important factors to be considered.

They can also answer many of the questions raised and can help explain some
of the quantitative and qualitative differences created

Michael Yessis, PhD
Professor Emeritus, CSUF
President, Sports Training Inc.