View Full Version : The use of pressure transducers (F-socket by Tekscan or Rincoesocket fitting system) in improving socket fit in lower-limbamputees

04-19-2010, 10:00 AM
Hello, I am pursuing a final-year project for my bachelor's degree in
Medical Engineering on the prevention of pressure sores by achieving
the optimal prosthetic fit for lower-limb amputees. I was wondering
how the commercially available pressure sensing systems ( e.g.,
F-Socket by Tekscan or the Rincoe socket fitting system) would used in
a clinical setting to aid socket fitting. What pressure or other
output benchmarks are used to indicate a pressure point or that the
socket has to be modified? Also, any opinions on how useful these
systems would be useful in a clinical setting, are welcome.

Naleesha Niranjan
Bachelor of Engineering - Medical (Dean's Scholar)
Queensland University of Technology
QLD, Australia