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04-23-2010, 06:00 AM
Biomechanics Interest Group (BIG)

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Dear Colleagues,

The ACSM 2011 annual meeting will be held next summer (June 1-4) in
Denver, Colorado, USA. You are invited to submit a session proposal. I
have attached ACSM session definitions below. There are seven different
session types in two categories. BIG members have been successful in the
past in proposing for different session types. You do not have to be an
ACSM member to submit or participate in a session.

These session proposals are an excellent opportunity to influence
programming and have your area of interest and expertise appear at the
annual meeting, in addition to presentations in Free Communication
sessions. ACSM fills these slots from the proposals submitted, so you
have to be in it to win it!

If there is a topic or research area that you would like to see at next
year's meeting, please get together with your colleagues and submit a
proposal. Note that there are many slots for 1 hour Tutorial Lectures -
a great format for educating attendees about the current state of
knowledge in your field or subfield, with one to three presenters.

Please note that different numbers of presenters are required for
different formats. I have added details below about the number of
presenters listed in these sessions at this year's meeting where numbers
are not specified in the definitions. FYI, I have also noted the total
number of each session scheduled at this year's meeting in parentheses
after the session type (individual session types can be browsed here:

Please send your submission to me (milner@utk.edu) by May 19, 2010. The
BIG executive committee will review the proposals and obtain feedback
from the BIG membership during our business meeting in Baltimore. The
BIG executive committee will then rank and recommend the proposals to
the ACSM program committee by the June 20 deadline. The ACSM program
committee will make the final selection for inclusion in the 2011

Best regards,

Clare Milner

The following information is from the ACSM website:


1. Sessions with a 2-hour format:

Current Issue (4) - Issues for discussion that are in the forefront of
the ACSM membership. Current issues include 3 - 4 speakers with time
allotted for an introduction and overview and overall discussion.

Special Event (3) - Sessions of special interest to ACSM members that
reach a broader audience. Special events include 3 - 4 speakers with
time allotted for an introduction and overview and overall discussion.

Symposium (57) - Indepth, scientific and state-of-the-art lectures in
important areas of research. Symposia include 3 - 4 speakers with time
allotted for an introduction and overview and overall discussion.

2. Sessions with a 50 minute format:

Clinical Colloquium (2) - Focuses on an emerging or controversial area
of clinical practice. This session includes a moderator and two

Clinical Lecture (17) - Focuses on a specific clinical area. [1 -2

Colloquium (12) - An interactive discussion on a topic or issue in
sports medicine and exercise science. Colloquiums are informal
presentations that give the attendees a chance to "meet the expert".
[may or may not have moderator, 1 - 4 presenters]

Conversational Forum (3) - Issues for discussion by considering
differing views, involving expert discussants and a host. [moderator, 2

Tutorial Lecture (30) - A critical review and analysis of the current
state of knowledge in a field. The lecture should familiarize attendees
with the basics of a subject and progress to current issues, question,
problems, and the frontier of knowledge. [1 - 3 presenters]


Clare E Milner PhD FACSM

Assistant Professor, Biomechanics

Dept of Exercise, Sport, & Leisure Studies

University of Tennessee

1914 Andy Holt Avenue, 341 HPER

Knoxville TN 37996-2700

Phone: 865-974-7667

Fax: 865-974-8981


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