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04-26-2010, 11:12 PM
Dear list readers,

>From the literature I know there are several tests to assess cardiovascular fitness with submaximal testing, such as the YMCA, ACSM, Astrand, Harvard step test, that all more or less reliably predict the max VO2 uptake. However I am looking for a similar test that is especially with for elderly people (with possible known or unknown health conditions), using a stationary bike in unsupervised conditions (of course there can be automated emergency checks).

I know that in the field procedures are used like: bike with a constant RPM, and increase the resistance in regular steps, while the user has to keep the speed. How the Heart Rate then reacts to this increasing effort should be related to the fitness level.

However I do not know how this procedure is called, and where I can find the references on it. Hopefully any of you list readers knows!

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Jan Veneman


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