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04-30-2010, 04:17 AM
A Post-Doc position will be available from Jan. 1. 2011 to Dec. 31. 2011
at the Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, University of Saint-Etienne,
The research project will concern sprint running biomechanics and
energetics with specific focus on mechanical and metabolic power.

**** IMPORTANT ****The final decision of opening for this post-doc
position will be published by the University on July 2nd 2010.

The study(ies) will focus on mechanical power production during sprint
running in human and the concomitant energetics and metabolic power. The
methods used will mainly include sprint instrumented treadmill for force
measurements, EMG and standard gas exchange and blood lactate
measurements, allowing to further estimate energetics and metabolic power.
The neuromuscular function and fatigue could also possibly be investigated
through neurostimulation. Last, field measurements on track will be done
through ambulatory techniques (radar, portable gas exchange analyser).

The candidate must have validated his/her PhD at the date of Dec. 31.
2010. The competences will be (by order of importance):
- strong background on energetics of exercise with specific focus on
maximal intensity / sprint exercise
- basic knowledge of running and sprint running biomechanics
- metabolic (gas exchange / Douglas bags) and biomechanical (force-plate)
- EMG measurements, data treatment and statistics.
- very good to good English skills (French is not necessary)

The project will be supervised by Dr JB Morin, and is the continuation of
recent studies about sprint mechanics, that will be completed by energetic
approaches. The main publications characterising this context, and the
main collaborators on this project can be viewed searching (Pubmed) for
authors [Morin JB or Samozino P or Millet GY] from 2004 on.

The Laboratory of Exercise Physiology (http://lpe.univ-st-etienne.fr) is a
French leading research team on exercise and sport physiology and
biomechanics, from the muscular cell to integrative situations
encompassing top-level performance and disability. We have a specific
focus on locomotion biomechanics and energetics, as well as fatigue during
both ultra-long and maximal sprint exercise. About 18 researchers, 6
physicians, 10 PhD students and 3 technicians / engineers work together,
mainly in one single building at the teaching Hospital of Bellevue. We use
force-plate and instrumented cycle ergometers and treadmills (walking,
running, sprinting), a powerlab unit with 16 channels for EMG and
neurostimulation, lab and portable gas analysers (K4b² and Douglas bags
methods), radars, inertial sensors / accelerometers (X-sens MT9) and
pressure insoles for field experiments (athletic track available).

The selected candidate will work in standard lab conditions and will have
access to web, printing, phone/fax/copy, lunch facilities. We have a
standard access to the majority of online journals in our field of
research and a scientific library in our building. He/she will be in
direct contact with graduate / PhD students and researchers. The housing
is not included in the post-doc position, but the University / City
provides some help in finding a student flat, which is possible for a
total rate of about US$400 per month.
The post-doc grant is ~2600 US$ (2000 euros) per month for 12 months. In
case of Congress participation or other typical research expenses around
this project, the lab may consider taking care of these expenses.

Saint-Etienne is a medium city (about 170,000 inh.) located in the centre
of France close to the natural park of Le Pilat. By car, it is 1h away
from the international airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry, 4-5h away from the
French Riviera and the Alps ski resorts. By train, it is 30min away from
the city of Lyon and 3h away from Paris. It is very close to the
surrounding country and natural sites for cycling, hiking and enjoying
outdoor sports facilities.

Application must be submitted as one .pdf file (sent by email or postal
mail) containing:
- detailed resume of the candidate (4 pages max.)
- application letter (1 page) in which the candidate explains his/her
motivations towards the project
- the 3 most important publications with the candidate as first author (or
as co-author if not applicable)
- a copy of the official certificate of PhD or letter of a supervisor
stating the PhD will be obtained before the end of 2010, and a copy of the
PhD jury report if available
- up to two reference letters (1 page max. each)

The deadlines are:
- application submission: June 1. 2010
- final decision sent to the selected candidate: around July 5. 2010
- beginning of the post-doc: January 1. 2011 (duration: 12 months)

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Jean-Benoit Morin
Laboratory of Exercise Physiology
Médecine du Sport – Myologie, CHU Bellevue
42055 Saint-Etienne Cedex 2, France