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05-06-2010, 02:25 AM
BrainGate2 / Neuroprosthetics Research Technician
Brown University * Providence VAMC * Massachusetts General Hospital
Neural Interface Systems / BrainGate2 Research Team

The BrainGate2 Research Technician (Neuroscience/Engineering) will be a key
contributor to the development of Neural Interface Systems (NISs). The goal
of this NIS research at Brown University/Providence VA Medical
Center/Massachusetts General Hospital is to develop
intracortically-controlled devices that restore communication, mobility, and
independence to persons with paralysis or limb loss.

The major role of this position is to assist in the development, validation,
and deployment of computer software and hardware used in NIS research, and
analysis of NIS research data. Specifically, software will be designed to
provide clinical trial participants with neural control over computer-based
assistive technologies and environmental control devices. Software will also
be designed to test neuroscientific hypotheses, and to advance the science
of neural decoding and filter building.

Activities will be centered at the Laboratory for Restorative
Neurotechnology affiliated with the VA/Brown Center for Restorative and
Regenerative Medicine on the campus of Brown University, in Providence, RI.
Travel of up to three hours from Providence may be required on an occasional
basis to attend clinical research sessions.

This position requires a bachelor's degree in neuroscience, engineering, or
computer science with at least undergraduate thesis-level research,
preferably in the analysis of intracortical recordings, experience handling
local field potential and action potential-containing data, and skills and
experience in MATLAB programming for the parsing and analysis of complex
neurophysiological data.

Interested applicants should forward their CV to Drs. Leigh Hochberg and
John Donoghue, c/o Ms. Beth Travers, (beth_travers@brown.edu).