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05-24-2010, 10:41 PM
Applications are now being solicited for biomechanics opportunities from
highly motivated Research Physical Therapists, Post-Doctoral
Professionals and Research Assistants to provide support to develop an
effective protocol to perturbate persons on the CAREN virtual reality
system. This will be used to evaluate recovery from potential falls in
military amputees at the Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) and the
Naval Health Research Center.

The available positions are Full Time in direct support of research
protocols. Patients with amputations are prone to taking falls that can
cause further injury and fractures. This research project is to develop
a rehabilitation protocol to train patients with amputations to prevent
falls and recover from stumbles so that they do actually fall to the
ground. This ability will be tested by using a protocol that causes a
perturbation (disturbance of a treadmill large enough to induce a fall
or stumble) to cause a controlled fall while the recovery process is
measures. The recovery process will be measured before and after the
rehabilitation program. For more information regarding the NHRC please
view: http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nhrc/Pages/default.aspx

The incumbents will serve as contract employees working for The
McConnell Group, Inc. www.themccgroup.com
, a leading provider of clinical
research support services to the Department of Defense. Our growth over
the last twelve years with the Department of Homeland Security, the
Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Health and Human
Services, and our academic and commercial clients has created our
footprint in the industry, overseeing medical and healthcare programs
and providing subject matter experts to clinical research programs in
support of biomedical, biodefense and other allied health programs.

The Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) Warfighter Performance
Department researches, develops, evaluates and implements training and
rehabilitation regimens that enhance the rehabilitation of wounded
service members so that they can effectively return to duty or lead
active lifestyles upon discharge. In collaboration with the Naval
Medical Center San Diego (MCSD) Physical Therapy Departments'
rehabilitation and gait laboratory capability, NHRC and NMCSD create the
military's West Coast rehabilitation center for service members
recovering from traumatic amputation.

Essential Duties

-Evaluate and implement treatment regimens and create clinical databases
that enhance clinical outcomes for military amputees

-Provide support to develop an effective protocol to perturbate persons
on the CAREN virtual reality system

-Conduct data acquisition, biomechanical data reduction and analysis

-Apply novel perturbation techniques in amputee rehabilitation in a safe
controlled environment

-Prepare / submit progress reports and data deliverables

Required Knowledge / Skills

-Familiarity with the function of gait laboratories and research

-Knowledge of procedures and techniques necessary for performing
research tasks

-Candidates must possess interpersonal skills to work effectively with
patients and staff, be comfortable working with computer software,
including: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and have a willingness
to learn and trouble shoot computer related issues.

-Knowledge of MATLAB, EVART, NEXUS and/or Visual3D is highly desirable.

-Candidates MUST have U.S. citizenship or the ability to obtain
citizenship, and be able to pass a government background investigation

Eligibility Requirements

-All physical therapy staff members will be required to have current
licensure in the State of California and maintain this license through
the term of the contract.

-Research Physical Therapist (Biomechanics) Candidates: Required to be a
graduate of an accredited physical therapy program; preferred three-five
years' experience with some experience in orthopedics; research
experience preferred; and motion analysis experience preferred.

-Research Assistant Candidates: Undergraduate degree in biomechanics,
biomedical engineering, kinesiology, exercise physiology or related
field; experience in motion analysis a plus.

-Senior Professional (Biomechanics) SME-1 Candidates: 30+ years of
research experience and 20+ years of experience in performing gait
evaluations; working knowledge and experience with the measurement of
human movement and human movement analysis performed at the Mayo
Clinic's Orthopedic Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Laboratory; and
experience in the areas of prosthetics and virtual reality; Masters
Degree and Ph.D.

-Professional (Biomechanics) SME-2 Candidates: Must have working
knowledge and experience in the investigations of how to reduce the very
high incidence of trip-related falls by above-knee amputees conducted at
the Clinical Biomechanics and Rehabilitation laboratory at the
University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC); 15 years' experience in conducting
studies of falls in the elderly producing perturbations that cause falls
and measuring the recovery process; expertise in areas of dynamic
stability, age-related fall risk and fall prevention; expertise
regarding mechanisms of falling and laboratory test methods for creating
postural disturbances in research participants; developed a treadmill
rehabilitation training program that has been shown to be effective at
reducing falls in older adults; experience with treadmill rehabilitation
program for patients with amputations at the University of
Illinois-Chicago's (UIC) Clinical Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
laboratory; and experience operating and utilizing the ActiveStep
Dynamic Stability Gait Simulator for research purposes; Bachelors and
Masters Degree.

Compensation / Benefits: TMG offers comp. pay and benefits pkg.
including health ins. and/or pension plan; paid holidays, vacation, and
PTO; EAP; Education Assistance, 401(k) and College Savings Plan.

Please send your cover letter and curriculum vitae or resume, including
a statement of motivation in MSWord format to:

Deborah S. Edwards, SPHR

Manager, Human Resources

The McConnell Group, Inc.

4502 Centerview Dr., Ste. 225

San Antonio, TX 78228

Phone: 210-673-9662 x202

Fax: 210-673-2600

Email: dedwards@themccgroup.com