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06-02-2010, 02:36 AM
Analysis of dynamic foot biomechanics using intra-articular pressure
measurements and finite element analysis.

Promoter: J. Vander Sloten - I. Jonkers


The human foot is a complex structure. Therefore, the analysis of its
biomechanical function during walking is challenging. At K.U.Leuven, a
multidisciplinary research group is active that studies foot-ankle
biomechanics relying on in vitro experimental measurements of foot bone
kinematics and foot pressure. The group gathers biomechanical engineers,
specialists in motion analysis and clinicians. A unique gait simulator was
developed for this purpose. Experimental data interpretation is supplemented
with kinematic modeling to understand the development of foot pathology.
However, when investigating failure of endoprosthetic components, knowledge
of structural strain and stresses is indispensible.

It is the scope of the current research project (1) to extend our
experimental protocol with intra-articular measures at the ankle and
subtalar joint during in vitro experiments (2) to develop and test a finite
element analysis model of the foot and (3) to validate the model using
experimentally acquired measurements.

The candidate is an engineer with a background in biomedical engineering or
mechanical engineering and should be highly interested in working in a
multi-disciplinary environment consisting of engineers, physical therapists
and medical doctors. He/she has an interest and proven skills in developing
the required measurement set-up and providing technical assistance during
the measurements with the gait simulator. Furthermore, he/she should present
sufficient mathematical background for finite element modeling.

Key words: Biomechanics, in vitro experiments, foot, finite element analysis

Financing: available

Type of Position: scholarship

Duration of the Project: 4 years


Research group: Department of mechanical engineering (BMGO) , Faculty of
engineering science

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