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06-06-2010, 08:01 PM
Associate Scientific Director for Biomedical Engineering Research
Let People Move Research Institute
Perugia-Arezzo, Italy

Goal of the Let People Move Research Institute (LPMRI):
The main goal of LPMRI is to advance the understanding of tendon, ligament,
bone and cartilage degeneration and its capacity for regeneration. The goal
of the institute also comprises of the understanding of bone-ligament
regeneration of at the enthesis after ACL reconstruction by applying
concepts used in cellular biology, tissue engineering and biomechanics.

Job Description:
As part of an interdisciplinary team, the associate scientific director will
work closely with the scientific director and in symbiosis with the other
vice director to reach the main objectives of the Institute. The associate
scientific director will supervise, conduct and publish research in tissue
mechanics, computational modelling of joints or tissues, and biomechanics of
the human joints. The associate scientific director will assist the
scientific director to find and obtain research grant and sponsors for the
Institute. The associate scientific director may also conduct research in
his own field of interest.

Specific Functions:

Work activities would typically involve:

conducting research to solve clinical problems using a variety of means
to collate the necessary information;
training technical or clinical staff for research;
giving advice on new equipment and software necessary for the research;
dealing with technical queries from the directors or the president;
assessing the potential of wider research or product development;
using computer software and mathematical models to design, develop and
test new materials, devices and equipment. This can involve programming
electronics; building and evaluating prototypes; troubleshooting problems;
and rethinking the design until it works correctly;
using experimental results from biological tissue testing for
computational model validation;
writing reports and attending conferences and exhibitions to present
your work and latest designs to a range of technical and non-technical
liaising with technicians and manufacturers to ensure the feasibility
of a product in terms of design and economic viability;
liaising closely with other researchers;
arranging regular meeting with the scientific director , vice
directors, and the president for the advancement of the research;
testing and maintaining equipment and software;
keeping up to date with new developments in the field, nationally and
disseminating research findings at symposia, national or regional
professional meetings, and to publish in peer-reviewed journals or other
publications. Authorship will be determined in accordance with revised ICMJE

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, Biomechanical
Engineering, Biomedical Sciences;
Computational experience with structural human body models, mesh
development, material model optimization, contact algorithm selection, and
model validation against experimental data;
Engineering knowledge in viscoelastic materials;
Proficient in explicit Finite Element Analysis;
Proficient in scripting languages (e.g. MATLAB) for custom pre/post
model processing and interfaces;
The ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
The mandate is five years with one year probation

Salary will be set based on the experience to an appropriate and competitive
level. The salary could include a percentage of royalties on commercialized
devices developed during his work at LPM. Also salary incentive could be

LPMRI will encourage affiliation with University programs.

Please contact:
Professor Giuliano Cerulli MD.
Laboratorio Di Biomeccanica Dello Sport
Via Giovan Battista Pontani, 9
Perugia 06128

Tel: +39 075 5058485
Work fax: +39-075-5010921
email: g_cerulli@tin.it

Prof. Mario Lamontagne, Ph.D.
Sabbatical Leave
Laboratorio Di Biomeccanica Dello Sport
Via Giovan Battista Pontani, 9
Perugia 06128

Tel: +39 075 5058485
Work fax: +39-075-5010921