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06-11-2010, 02:36 AM
Please could you post this for a colleague of mine. Thanks.

PhD Studentship on the Interaction of Body-Segment Coupling and Uncoupling with Foot Pressure and Gaze Control during Gait
With Professor Robin Huw Crompton and Dr. Nathan Jeffery, the University of Liverpool
A three year NERC-funded DTG studentship leading to award of a PhD. and comprised of annual fees and 13,950 pa. stipend is available from October 2010 to European Community citizensonly with a good 2.1/First Class Honours degree (or equivalent) in biomechanics, engineering or related fields, to study how coupling/decoupling of pelvic, thoracic and head segments change under-foot pressures and gaze control, to maintain balance and direction during gait. Our own focus is on the evolution of human walking, but expertise in human evolution is unnecessary. We are particularly interested in skills in: design/assembly of minor electronics (eg. for head-mounted accelerometry and eye-tracking) and/or dynamic modelling. Our gait lab is well equipped with eg. a Zebris pressure sensitive treadmill, Kistler Gaitway forceplate-equipped treadmill, 12 Qualiysis motion capture cameras, and twin RSscan pressure plate/Kistler forceplate combinations. Please contact Robin Crompton on rhcromp@liv.ac.uk for more information.

Prof Robin Crompton
Dept. Human Anatomy & Cell Biology
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Liverpool
Sherrington Buildings
Ashton Street
Liverpool L69 3GE