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07-01-2010, 05:04 AM
Neuromechanical Research Centre
Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
University of Regina

Applications are invited for two Master’s level graduate scholarships
to investigate the determination of optimal stroke length in competitive
freestyle swimming. The scholarships and research funding are made
available by a grant from Swim Saskatchewan, Inc., the provincial sport
governing body for competitive swimming in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies is located in the $32
million Centre for Kinesiology, Health, and Sport, which opened in
September 2004. The Centre has outstanding laboratory and research
facilities, including the fully equipped Neuromechanical Research
Centre, the Allied Health Centre and the Dr. Paul Schwann Applied Health
and Research Centre. The University of Regina is a comprehensive
institution that emphasizes excellence in teaching, research and
service. For more details about the university, please visit the web
site at http://www.uregina.ca. The City of Regina is the seat of the
Provincial Government and is renowned for the spectacular Wascana Park,
the largest urban park in North America, as well as for its vibrant
arts, culture, and recreation scene. The Province of Saskatchewan is
currently an economic leader in Canada, enjoying unprecedented financial
growth despite the recent global economic downturn.

The Neuromechanical Research Centre (NMRC) is engaged in a variety of
diverse projects which relate to exploring the workings of the
neuromuscular system as it relates to human movement and health. The
NMRC operates under the direction of Dr. John M. Barden and is a 2600
sq. ft. research space dedicated to the analysis of human movement. It
is equipped with a 6-camera, 3D optical tracking motion capture system,
two force plates, an isokinetic dynamometer and an 8-channel telemetered
EMG system.

Applicants should be highly qualified students who have a Bachelor’s
degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics with a strong background and
interest in biomechanics and sport biomechanics. A demonstrated interest
in and experience with competitive swimming is definitely an asset. The
assistantships will be made available to students who apply for
admission to the program in January of 2011. For consideration, students
should submit a full CV with the names and phone numbers of at least two
references, as well as a one-page statement of research interests and
career goals to:

Dr. John M. Barden
Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4S 0A2
Phone: 1 (306) 585-4629
Fax: 1 (306) 585-4854
Email: john.barden@uregina.ca
Web: http://kinesiology.uregina.ca/

John M. Barden, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4S 0A2
Office: (306) 585-4629
Lab: (306) 585-4909
Fax: (306) 585-4854
E-mail: john.barden@uregina.ca