View Full Version : A Critical Question About Arm Swing

Babak Hejrati
07-10-2010, 12:58 PM
Dear Researchers and Biomechanists

I have a critical question related to arm swing in humans and I am really
interested in receiving you answers and idea.
I am a mechanical engineering PhD student, and for a part of my research I
want to investigate the feasibility of manufacturing an arm swing device.
The idea is that there is a neural correlation between upper and lower
limbs, so for people who suffer from cord injury and undergo rehabilitation
procedure, instead of just focusing on their legs' movement , a
device should also impose a correct arm swing to them to help them to regain
their walking ability. Some specialists may argue that such an arm swing
device is unnecessary and may add more weight to the patients and its
benefits are not coniderable.
Since I am not an expert in physiotherapy, I'd really like to hear your
comments on this idea.
I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Thank you for your kindly response,

Best regards,

Babak Hejrati
PhD student of Mechanical Engineering
University of Utah