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07-26-2010, 06:40 AM
Dear all,

A 3 year funded PhD course in Exercise and Sport Science has been advertised, with a deadline of 15 September 2010 (the application needs to be delivered within that date).

If you know of any bright young students who may be interested in doing a PhD with me in Italy on a project entitled ôBiomechanical and physiological adaptations to handcyclingö, please forward this e-mail to them and suggest that they submit an application.

Short description: Handcycling (handbike), as a form of exercise and sport, elicits on subjects' psychophysical health short to medium term effects, which deserve to be investigated. That may be performed by means of some studies both in ecologic context and biomechanics laboratory. Preliminary measurements may include motion capture, force measures, EMG and ventilatory measures by means of optoelectronic, SRM and sEMG systems, GPS receivers and portable metabograph, blood essays and echocardiographic measures. Adequate quantity and quality of subjects is already available. Studies may be performed together with other researchers belonging to national and/or foreign institutions.

Essential requirements: aptitude in mathematical/computer methods, a good Master-equivalent (5 y) degree in a biological/mathematical/engineering/medicine/sport science discipline, enthusiasm, experience in experimental physiology-biomechanics, data collection and analysis.

Desirable requirements: a technical background, programming skills (LabVIEW).

The information is in both English and Italian at the following site (read carefully):


Before and in addition to posting the application, the applicants should send me 1) their extended CV, 2) an informal letter about their reasons to apply for a PhD studentship to work on the above cited topic with me and 3) their application form filled.

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