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07-29-2010, 09:59 PM
Hello all,
I'm looking to develop a model of head impacts to use as a first-order
approximation to relate various head impact tolerance studies. In "the old
days" cadaveric studies abounded. Gurdjian published some very simple
studies of head impact utilizing cadaver heads and a steel plate. In Chapter
6 of his book ("Head Impact Injury" 1975), he makes reference to his work
(Gurdjian, Webster, and Lissner. "Studies on skull fracture with particular
reference to engineering factors." Am. J. Surgery. p. 736, 1949) and
Hodgson's work (Hodgson, Brinn, Thomas, and Greenberg. "Fracture behavior of
the skull frontal bone against cylindrical surfaces." 14th Stapp conf, 1970
and Hodgson, Thomas and Prasad. "Testing the validity and limitations of
Severity Index." 14th Stapp conf, 1970). In those studies, the pre-impact
energy was published, but the post-impact energy was not. Has anyone come
across a reference or recorded discussion with Lissner, Gurdjian, or Webster
where the post-impact energy of the dropped heads is recorded? To put it
bluntly: how high did the heads bounce off of the steel plate? If there are
any other sources of information on the dynamic impact response of the human
head that include the skin, I would appreciate the information. Or, if
another simple lumped parameter model exists, that would be useful as well.

Thank you for your help,

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