View Full Version : Measuring force of tape removal

08-13-2010, 02:15 PM
Dear Biomech-l Subscribers,

We need to measure the force and angle applied by bandaid users to remove
the adhesive from the skin. These must be real applications, not
instron-type simulations. If needed, we have a motion capture system to get
the angle measurements but are unsure what the best approach would be in
measuring the force. The first thought was to instrument the bandaid
however there is concern that the rigidity of the sensor would affect the
mechanics of removal since bandaids are pliable. It also has to be small
enough that the mass will not have much of an effect. We've researched
sensors and found a few possibilities but without first purchasing and
trying them out it's hard to know what would work. Based on your
experience, can anyone make recommendations on sensors and a possible
approach? Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.


Yvette Jones, MSc
Research Associate
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Burnaby, British Columbia