View Full Version : Looking for an economic 4-channel EMG

08-23-2010, 05:45 AM
Dear colleagues,

I am currently outlining practice sessions for a 2nd-year students. One of the experiments should include EMG-measurements on a leg during slow locomotion to illustrate muscle activation. I would like to record four different channels to illustrate in a crude way how locomotion is generated. The students should be able to set up the whole experiment by themselves.
For this setup I am looking for an economic and rather simple four channel EMG-device which can do the job and I can have students work on. When looking at the market, I mostly find products which are either way to powerfull (and hence expensive) or way to low-key.
Can anybody point me to a simple, cheap but useful 4-channel device? (Data can be printed or exported.)

A summary of replies will be sent to those interested.

Thanks a lot!

Tobias Seidl, Dr. sc. nat.
Biomimetics Consultant