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08-31-2010, 01:02 AM
Thanks to those who responded regarding my inquiry on what material was being used currently for the wire in fine wire electrodes on Aug. 23,2010.

"Just wanted to inquire about what kind of fine wire was being used these days for needle insertion monitoring intra-muscular activity in either children or adults. We have been using "Stablohm" 800 B, H-Poly Nylon Green from California Fine wire, .002 in or ~ 50 micrometers. Are there any other new coatings/alloys/diameters/densities/manufacturers being used in clinical/research settings for fine wire electrodes?"

1. That is the exact wire we used at Children's' and I think they still use it.

I have been buying my electrodes from Motion Lab Systems because they are ready made and sterilized.
Eddie could let you know what he uses, but the quality control on his electrodes is fantastic---Marilynn Wyatt. Navy Medical Center, Sand Diego, Cal.

2. Here's our information page - http://www.motion-labs.com/prod_access_finewire.html - we stock the needles in 30mm and 50mm lengths, sterilized for a minimum 12 months after order date-- Edmund Cramp, Motion Lab Systems.

3. I've used fw electrodes extensively during my PhD work with Dr. Roger Enoka in Boulder, CO.
We use formvar-insulated, stainless steel wires that are typically 50 micrometers in diameter. We get this wire from the California Fine Wire Company Although we use these for single motor unit recordings, we also use them for global emg monitoring for muscles like brachialis and second palmar interosseus--Mike Pascoe, University of Colorado, Boulder.

That's it!! Thanks!!
Nancy Denniston

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