View Full Version : Forelimb Joint anatomy

Gary P. Aronsen
06-21-1994, 11:20 PM
Hi there. I'm a graduate student at George Washington University who
is working on a MA thesis concerning primate forelimbs. I am very interested
in approaching this using the approach adopted by Farish Jenkins, among

There was a large set of references regarding kinematic studies of the
elbow which I have found very useful, and would appreciate it if any other
list members could turn me on to references regarding the shoulder (and any
other forelimb-related titles). I am focusing on ranges of incursion and
excursion, abduction/adduction, etc., and also on a whole joint perspective
(i.e. moving away from focusing on single elements as they relate to joint
morphology and towards understanding the working of the skeletal and
muscular system at that joint as a whole). Biomechanic and kinematic
journals are not common listings in most of the On-Line library catalogues
i have searched thus far, and I desparately want to include this as part
of my research design.
Also, I am digitizing images in order to measure them, but I would
likw to shop around a little for kinematics software. I have been in contact
with Van Sint, and am trying to procure his package, but does anyone else have
suggestions/information on other packages (that are fairly user-friendly)?

Anything you could contribute would be appreciated.
Gary P. Aronsen
Smithsonian Institution