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Mark D. Grabiner
06-22-1994, 04:42 AM
Some time ago I posted a message requesting information regarding the
axis orientation for subtalar joint inversion-eversion. This became one of
those good news/bad news things. The good news was that I received a large
amount of responses which served as an indicator of the number of people
working in this area and the interdisciplinary efforts that are
ongoing. The bad news, I suppose, was that the dominant number
of responses were from people who are keen to acquire the same
information. Below I have listed several references that were suggested
and I have also taken the liberty of providing the names/addresses of
several individuals who kindly responded to my inquiry and, in my
opinion, are, or have been engaged in substantive work in this area.

************************************************** ***********************
Inman, V.T. The Joints of the Ankle. Baltimore, Williams &
Wilkins Co., 1976.

McConville, J.T., Clauser, C.E., Churchill, T.D., Cuzzi,J., and Kaleps, I.
(1980). Anthropometric relationships of body and body segment moments of
inertia. Air Force Technical Report: AFAMRL-TR-80-119. Wright-Patterson
AFAMRL stands for "Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory"

Fick, R: Anatomie und Mechanik der Gelenke: Teil III, Specielle Gelenk
und Muskel Mechanik. Fisher, Jena, 1911

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Ankle: A hinge Axis Model. Foot & Ankle, 13:439-446, 1992.

Inman's joints of the ankle
Edited by James B. Stiehl
Williams & Wilkins 1991

************************************************** *************************
Arne Lundberg
Dept of Orthopaedics
Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

Norman Murphy
Department of Orthopaedics
Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

Frank Clayton Anderson
U.T. Austin

Thomas M. Greiner
Dept. of Anthropology
SUNY - Binghamton
Binghamton, NY 13902

Neil Gomberg
Department of Anthroplogy
Univ Massachusetts,
Amherst MA 01003
(no internet address available)

Paul Klein Ph.D.
Institut for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Free University of Brussels
Mark D. Grabiner, Ph.D.
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Wb3
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio, 44106