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Hansen, Andrew H.
09-07-2010, 12:49 AM
A Research Biomedical Engineer position has been posted and will be open
until September 13th, 2010. The position is at the Minneapolis VA Health
Care System in Minneapolis, MN USA.

The general description of the position is as follows:

The Research Biomedical Engineer will design, fabricate, and test
rehabilitation technologies including but not limited to components for
lower and upper limb prostheses and orthoses, exercise and physical
therapy equipment, and wheelchairs. The Research Biomedical Engineer
will be responsible for the design of mechanical systems that meet
required constraints and safety factors, and will create Computer Aided
Drafting (CAD) drawings, perform finite element modeling of parts, model
the assembly of various parts and their interactions during expected
use, and effectively communicate the features of designed components to
research and development team. The Research Biomedical Engineer will be
responsible for fabrications of prototypes, including the direct use of
machine tools and collaboration with technical staff and outside
contractors. The Research Biomedical Engineer will also assist with
ongoing biomechanical evaluations of current and new rehabilitation
technologies designed to aid persons with disabilities, and will use
specialized measurement equipment to collect clinically relevant data
regarding these technologies. In the process of research and
development, new measurement equipment may also be developed by the
Research Biomedical Engineer.

For more information and to apply for this position, please go to:


and search for "Research Biomedical Engineer" in "Minneapolis, MN". You
must be a US citizen to qualify for the position.

Thank you and best regards,

Andrew Hansen, PhD

Research Health Scientist

Minneapolis VA Health Care System

Minneapolis, MN USA

Adjunct Associate Professor

Northwestern University

Prosthetics Orthotics Center

Chicago, IL USA