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10-12-2010, 01:01 AM
We have been using Vicon's MX system with Nexus software to study the ergonomics of surgeons performing laparoscopic surgery. We used Vicon's Plug-in-gait (PIG) model for the kinematic calculations. We are interested in evaluating wrist and hand movements. Previously we encountered problems with the PIG model because the wrist extension and flexion angles seemed to be "flipping" between the X and Y graphs depending on what position the forearm was in (e.g. Having the palm of the hand pointing upward vs. downward). The upper limb model seems to address that problem, however we are searching for more sophisticated upper extremity models. Is anyone conducting movement analysis on tasks that involve a great deal of forearm rotation? If yes, whatmarket set andmodel are you using to best calculate the wrist angles? Are there any modified PIG or custom-designed models that exist that better capture the wrist angles? Thank you.

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