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Lchen2 Brad Chen
06-24-1994, 07:09 AM
Dear Colleagues:

This poster is to announce that the search for a biomechanist at BCA
have been closed (see a BIOMCH-L network mail on June 18).

Thanks to all the applicants who showed strong interests to work at
BCA. In fact, many of them are well qualified for the job.

I have to express my special thanks to the BIOMCH-L group. Without it,
I can't imagine I can locate a well qualified biomechanist in such a short


Dr. Brad Chen 6/24/94
Biomechanics Corporation of America
1800 Walt Whitman Rd.
Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 516-752-3550 Ext. 17
Fax: 516-752-3506
Compuserv: 74103, 2413

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To Paolo de Leva at Roma,

My E-mail bounced at your address "deleva@risccics.ing.uniroma1.it"
twice (But the one I used "REPLY" command appeared get through. Since I
delete all the mails once I have read, I can't use "REPLY" command again). I
regret that I can not reach you for an interview although you appear vary
suit for the job.