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11-04-2010, 02:13 AM
The Neural Engineering Center for Artificial Limbs (NECAL) at the
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) is looking for an ambitious
engineering Post Doctoral Fellow in the field of haptics or man-machine
interfaces. The primary project area involves mechatronic design and
experimentation for advanced artificial limbs and development of novel
man-machine interface theories with the goal of developing a better
understanding of perception and control of upper limb prostheses using novel
haptic displays. The candidate must have experience in haptics or
man-machine interfaces, mechanical design, and a good understanding of human
sensory physiology. This project is led by Jon Sensinger, PhD, and our
multidisciplinary team includes engineers, prosthetists, occupational
therapists, physical therapists neuroscientists and physicians. NECAL has a
worldwide reputation as a leader in innovated treatment of people with limb

The successful applicant will be responsible for the theory, design, and
control of a miniature haptic display to better understand perception,
design, and control of upper-limb prostheses. The Fellow will also design
and conduct experiments to test man-machine interface theories using this
device. This Fellow must work in close consultation with engineers,
prosthetists, and therapists to achieve and test progressive developments;
offer suggestions regarding continued development of the program; and must
keep informed of developments in field to maintain and enhance professional
expertise. This position provides an excellent opportunity for the Fellow to
realize both basic science goals and exciting clinical applications.

Interested applicants should have a doctoral degree in mechanical
engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, or a related
field. Experience with design and control of haptic displays or man machine
interfaces is required. A background and/or interest in psychophysics, gross
anatomy, and neural anatomy is beneficial, and analytical skills to select
and interpret tests appropriate for the research are important. Good
interpersonal skills are essential and necessary to communicate effectively
with patients, research subjects, team members, and project collaborators.
Communication skills necessary to write detailed explanatory reports and
articles and to verbally communicate results of research at meetings and
conferences are also important.

RIC houses the nation's largest rehabilitation research programs in the
country. Research teams at RIC are involved in more than 200 projects, with
a focus in rehabilitation robotics; motor learning and adaptation. We are
partners with Northwestern University and Northwestern University Feinberg
School of Medicine. We have a rich environment for post doctoral fellows and
have many joint faculty in BME and other departments at Northwestern.

Since 1991, the RIC has been consistently ranked the best rehabilitation
hospital in America by US News and World Report. RIC is recognized worldwide
as being a leader in patient care, advocacy, research and educating health
professionals in physical medicine and rehabilitation. RIC is well known for
specialized services, including Prosthetics and Orthotics, Assistive
Technology, and outstanding integrative therapy programs, which help
individuals lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

All interested applicants should apply directly through RIC's HR department.
They should not reply to this e-mail.


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