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11-10-2010, 02:20 AM
The Biomechanics concentration within the Department of Applied
Physiology and Kinesiology at the University of Florida is seeking
highly motivated Ph.D. students interested in studying lower extremity
function with particular emphasis on the coordination of locomotion and
balance. Of special interest is how coordination of locomotor function
is influenced by normal aging and neurological and orthopedic

Research, teaching, & fellowship positions are available beginning Fall
2011 (http://www.hhp.ufl.edu/apk/acad/grad/FinancialAssistance.php).
Exceptional students with backgrounds in engineering, rehabilitation, or
neuroscience are encouraged to apply. Students with skills in computer
programming (Labview, MatLab, etc), biomechanical data collection, and
strong communication and writing skills are highly desirable. An ability
to work independently and within the framework of a research team is

Faculty and students within the Biomechanics concentration collaborate
with scientists from the University of Florida Health Sciences Center,
VA Medical Center, McKnight Brain Institute and from many departments
housed within the 16 colleges that make up the University of Florida.
Faculty within the Biomechanics specialization are currently funded by
both internal and external (NIH, Army Research Office, NSF, CTSI)

Students interested in earning a graduate degree specialized in
Biomechanics can apply for admission to the University of Florida
directly through
http://www.hhp.ufl.edu/apk/acad/grad/FormsMaterials.php. Full
consideration of applications will begin immediately.

Inquiries and further details about the Biomechanics specialization can
be obtained by contacting:

Chris J. Hass, Ph.D.

Director, Applied Neuromechanics Laboratory

Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

Room 100 FLG

Box 118205 Gainesville, FL 32611

352-392-0584 x 1294