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11-21-2010, 11:11 PM

The Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at the University of
Vermont has a post-doctoral associate position available in musculoskeletal
research specific to a prognostic study designed to identify the risk
factors associated with knee ligament trauma for recent PhD graduates. This
position will involve recruitment, education, and retention of study
subjects. Additional responsibilities will include measurement of lower
extremity alignment, knee joint laxity, muscular strength and flexibility
measures, patient/clinical oriented outcome measures. In addition,
measurements of knee articular cartilage/subchondral bone geometry, femoral
notch size and geometry, and ACL volume will be obtained from 3T magnetic
resonance images.

Qualified candidates must be a US citizen or have permanent residency status
and must be able to make a one to two-year commitment to this position.

Please submit electronic cover letter and curriculum vitae to:

Bruce D. Beynnon, PhD, Director of Research

c/o Susan Platania, Administrator Department of Orthopaedics and

McClure Musculoskeletal Research Center

University of Vermont

Robert T. Stafford Hall, 4th Floor

95 Carrigan Drive

Burlington, VT 05405-0084

Fax: 802-656-4247

Tel: 802-656-4245

Email: susan.platania@uvm.edu

Visit our website: www.med.uvm.edu/ortho