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11-24-2010, 01:53 PM
Hello Biomch-L readers,

An Exercise Physiology colleague of mine is interested in acquiring a
GPS/Heart rate monitor for use in research (he does a lot with Nordic
Skiing) and has been looking into various models. As of now he has narrowed
it down to the Garmin 405CX. In looking at the model advertised on several
websites (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) some are suggesting combining it with a
Garmin Foot Pod. Most of the reviews note that the stride/cadence for the
footpod have some error, but as these are people running on treadmills I'm
unsure how accurate that might be (comparisons were usually to whatever the
treadmill told them for speed etc. and I wouldn't believe most of those
readouts). Has anyone tested the Garmin 405CX and/or Foot Pod for accuracy?

Alternatively, are there any other systems that might be recommended?

I will post a summary of replies for those interested. Thanks in advance.

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