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12-02-2010, 07:46 PM
Dear Biomch_L members,

Jorge Ambrosio, Andrés Kecskeméthy and Frans van der Helm are organizing the Euromech Conference 511 "Biomechanics of Human Motion. New Frontiers of Multibody, Techniques for Clinical Applications". The conference will be a meeting place for scientists in biomechanics and more fundamental scientists in mechanics. The colloquium will address scientific topics that contribute to mechanical and physiological correct modelling and analysis of biomechanical models for human body motion.

The event will be organized in Azores, Portugal, on March 9-12 2011. The Azores are a group of beautiful islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with about equal flying times and direct flights from Europe as from the USA. More information is provided in the Colloquium website: http://www.dem.ist.utl.pt/euromech511/

The general scope of the Colloquium is to address scientific topics that contribute to a better mechanical and physiological knowledge, modeling and analysis of human motion, with special focus put on the following topics:

1. Biomechanical modeling.
2. Multibody formulations for biomechanics.
3. Finite element analysis in human motion.
4. Kinematic and kinetic data acquisition.
5. Optimization in biomechanics of human motion.
6. Musculoskeletal modeling.
7. Stability analysis.
8. Motor control.
9. Contact mechanics in biomechanics.
10. Human dynamics and rehabilitation.

It is a pleasure and honor to invite you to participate to this Colloquium and to contribute to one of the above fields of biomechanics or to any other that you considered relevant within the scope of the Colloquium.

The deadline for the two-page abstracts submission is December 15, 2010. Acceptance will be notified by December 31. The abstract template is provided at the Colloquium website following the link www.dem.ist.utl.pt/euromech511 .

Although not required by the Colloquium organization, authors with accepted abstracts are encouraged to submit full papers of their work by February 15, 2011. Outstanding works will be selected for publication in a Special Issue of the journal Multibody System Dynamics after undergoing a double-blind peer-review process. Paper templates are provided at the Colloquium website as well.

We are personally looking forward to welcoming you in Azores next year

Jorge Ambrosio, Andrés Kecskeméthy and Frans van der Helm

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